By Mike Slater

2nd May, 2022 | 9:23am

Michael Stewart issues Twitter apology to Jim Traynor and Rangers on Monday morning

Michael Stewart has issued a Monday morning apology to Rangers and Jim Traynor in a long statement [01 May].

The BBC pundit labelled the former Ibrox chief as a bully back in February, something which caused him and his family upset.

Stewart admitted that he also caused “embarrassment” towards Rangers and didn’t mince his words this morning.

Stewart posted the message on his personal Twitter account, with part of the long statement reading; “I had no justification for those remarks and I withdraw them unreservedly.

“I realise that my remarks and the subsequent social media storm caused Jim and his family a lot of upset which I sincerely regret.

“I am also conscious that my remarks have caused embarrassment to Rangers Football Club and I would like to apologise to them too.”


Stewart himself has already admitted that there was no justification for him to make these remarks, and there is clearly huge regret.

This is another reason why fan-based media were given the status of club partners this season, with incidents such as this avoided.

The mainstream media, the BBC in this case, got it completely wrong in allowing this kind of coverage to be aired on their channels.

Stewart was actually dropped by the BBC after his comments, but now that he is back on their coverage, it is clear he has been told to do this.

Of course, Traynor will hear the apology, but it won’t mean much to him given that the comments are there for everyone to read or hear with one search.

This has come months too late, and it looks as though the possible ultimatum handed to Stewart has been taken up, now it’s time to move on.

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