By Mike Slater

2nd May, 2022 | 7:45am

BBC man Tom English explodes at what he saw after Rangers draw v Celtic

Tom English has exploded at both Rangers and Celtic for their responses to the Old Firm derby trouble on Sunday.

The BBC journalist labelled the aftermath as both “grim” and “poison” after statements were released about crowd troubles.

After objects were thrown from fans, English even questioned if the way to go moving forward is no away fans at Old Firm games.

Writing on his personal Twitter account after the game, English fumed at what he saw from both clubs.

“Both sets of players were excellent today,” he wrote. “Gave it everything.

“This post-match stuff was grim. No away supporters the way to go in this fixture? I don’t buy the argument that the atmosphere would be diminished unless poison is your thing.”


Celtic resorted to whataboutery yet again with their statement, ignoring everything that had happened on Sunday.

Of course, their perfect fans did nothing at Parkhead and were only targeted in their own words.

There is clear video evidence of the opposite, with Celtic fans launching projectiles into the away end at the end of the game.

Injuring any fan is not acceptable, never mind the elderly or disabled, and whoever is doing things like this needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

English suggesting no away fans moving forward is extreme, but after the last two Old Firms, it may be the only outcome should it continue.

From glass bottles at Ibrox to this, it is clear that certain groups of both fanbases cannot be trusted to simply watch a game of football.

It is sad that it has come to this, but soon there will be no other outcome.

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