By Mike Slater

26th Apr, 2022 | 7:45am

Peter Martin 'Gobsmacked' at SPFL reaction to Rangers development v Motherwell

Peter Martin could not believe his eyes when Cinch logos were covered for Rangers post-match duties against Motherwell.

The advertising boards behind Giovanni van Bronckhorst were clearly covered with white tape as the spat continues.

Martin admitted he was gobsmacked and even labelled the SPFL as “spineless” as they let it slide once again.

Speaking in the latest episode of PLZ’s Football Show, as shared on Twitter, Martin was absolutely blown away that this happened.

“Which is indicative of the way our game is at the moment, and why we can’t attract big sponsors, and why we can’t attract a lot of money into the game on a regular basis,” he said.

“I found it astounding that they interviewed one manager with the sponsorship and clearly someone had gone about with white tape to cover the sponsor up when the Rangers manager was there.

“It tells me, that the SPFL are spineless when it comes to standing up to a deal that’s in place that all clubs can’t adhere to, I was gobsmacked to see it.”


This has been ongoing for most of the season now.

Rangers believe they are exempt from this sponsorship deal due to rule i7 of the SPFL handbook, but that is clearly not filtering to the outside.

The SPFL have asked the SFA to step in already this season, but it looks as though there will be no real outcome that pleases all parties anytime soon.

It is obviously going to be hard if the biggest club in your division doesn’t agree with the sponsorship, but something can surely be worked out where it doesn’t lead to incidents such as this one.

It looks bad on the league, and more importantly the club at this moment in time, who, if they were clearly breaking any rules, would have been punished by now given the season is basically nearing its end.

Martin and the likes of Tam McManus have already spoken out, but given this is a big commercial deal, this one isn’t going to end as soon as the season does.

This will boil on for much longer.

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