By Mike Slater

18th Apr, 2022 | 1:05pm

Graham Spiers urges Stewart Robertson to speak out amid major Rangers controversy this wee

Graham Spiers has urged Rangers chief Stewart Robertson to speak out after the latest controversy at the club.

Police Scotland are now investigating alleged anti-sectarian and anti-catholic changing after the 2-1 win over Scotland.

Spiers appeared to take aim at the Bears and admitted it could just be “permanent baggage” to be borne by the club.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, Spiers urged action after what has come out over the past 24 hours.

“Can there be any escaping this stuff by Rangers?” he said.

“Is it just part of the permanent baggage to be borne by the club? You’d expect Managing Director Stewart Robertson to speak out clearly and swiftly on the issue – to show leadership. Don’t hold your breath…”


This only appears to come out after Rangers have won huge games.

None of this happened when Celtic left Ibrox with all three points last weekend in the Scottish Premiership.

What is Robertson going to do? All he can do is condemn the actions of a few, and then he will likely be told that it wasn’t enough.

The managing director simply cannot win, and with huge games around the corner, we will see what happens next.

This is a small select group of fans who will be punished if they are found, you cannot pin this on the club, who did everything right on the pitch.

Let the police complete their investigation, there is no need for the likes of Spiers to continue piling on this bandwagon like some sort of vigilante.

All eyes are now on the huge final to come and the Europa League games against RB Leipzig – bring it on.

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