By Doug Ward

17th Apr, 2022 | 5:40pm

Chris Sutton rages over Bobby Madden incident, wanted Kemar Roofe red in Rangers v Celtic

Chris Sutton was furious with referee Bobby Madden as Rangers beat Celtic 2-1 after extra time at Hampden Park in the Scottish Cup semi-finals on Sunday.

Throughout the game, Sutton slammed Madden’s performance with the whistle but was fuming when Kemar Roofe wasn’t sent off by the referee in the second half for a tackle on Daizen Maeda.

Roofe cynically brought the Japanese player down with a foul from behind.

Sutton wanted Roofe sent off but Kevin Thomson thought Madden was correct to just brandish a yellow card for a professional foul.

“Yes, it’s a shocker, really,” Thomson said on Premier Sports’ live coverage of the semi-final on Sunday [17 April, 03:06pm].

Sutton then interrupted to say: “I tell you, that’s a red.”

Thomson disagree, saying: “I’m not so sure it’s a red but it’s not nice.”

Sutton then asked: “Where’s he caught him?”

Ex-Rangers star Thomson continued: “It’s just a yellow card. As I say, it’s a professional foul, he’s taking one for the team. It ain’t malicious, he’s just trying to clip his heel.”

Sutton then said: “Is his heel on his shin?”

Zip it, Sutton

Sutton spent the entire 90 minutes moaning about Madden.

All he wanted was for the referee to book and send off Rangers players and not officiate the game properly.

Madden was intent upon letting the game flow as best as he could while also being aware that showing red cards would set a precedent he’d have to follow.

If Roofe was sent off for that tackle on Maeda – there would have been two or three more red cards for players on both sides.

It was a professional foul by Roofe.

He knew what he was doing and he did it to simply stop a Celtic attack.

It wasn’t dangerous, it didn’t injure the player, there was no malice and it was simply done to bring the player down.

Madden was spot on with that call.

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