By Joe Ellis

7th Jan, 2022 | 10:40am

Crucial Rangers off-field turnaround ended 'rudderless' approach

Rangers have come a long way in the past ten years from liquidation in 2012 to Premiership champions last season.

The Athletic’s Jordan Campbell believes that the biggest turnaround in the club during that time wasn’t in the players on the pitch, but rather the scouting setup off it.

The club went from having next to no scouts searching for new talent to an extensive, worldwide pool of scouts that have helped bring in the likes of Alfredo Morelos, Ianis Hagi and Borna Barisic.

Scouting and recruitment are often undermined by the coaching and match performances both when a team is succeeding and when they aren’t.

It is always the manager who gets all the praise when things are going well, as Steven Gerrard experienced last season at Ibrox.

Similarly, it is he who is the first to be blamed when form dips and often it isn’t the fault of the man at the helm when you dig deeper.

The scouting team at any club is just as important as the coaching staff are as without the variety of people scouring football across the globe, the coaches would have no one to coach.

Finding the next great thing is becoming increasingly more difficult with Europe’s biggest clubs hiring more and more scouts to cover every inch they possibly can.

The Manchester United’s and Real Madrid’s of the world will have scouts at the majority of games across Europe every weekend which makes it harder for a team like Rangers to stand out.

This is where the club has been creative in finding talent from abroad with cleverly-placed scouts about to find a hidden gem before any of the big clubs can get their foot in the door.

It’s less of a struggle in Scotland as one of the country’s two biggest clubs but their presence in their homeland has also been extended.

All of the steps taken to improve the recruitment at Ibrox have been working and they are continuing to go in the right direction.

In other Rangers news, two offers are set to be made by Rangers in January.