By Doug Ward

19th Dec, 2021 | 12:10pm

Police Scotland respond as Dundee United bus allegedly attacked after defeat at Rangers

An alleged attack on the Dundee United team bus after their loss at Rangers was not reported to Police Scotland, according to the Scottish Sun.

Dundee United have reportedly declined to comment about the alleged incident in Glasgow as the away side’s coach was targetted by “thugs” near a junction for the M8.

The Scottish Sun claims that missiles were thrown and a window was left shattered but no one was injured.

A source has told the newspaper: “The team had left Ibrox and were waiting at traffic lights when suddenly there was a smash.

“One of the windows was tanned after a few attackers, who looked like kids, chucked missiles at the coach.

“It was pretty scary for the guys inside but they got away OK.”

Mindless yobs

We hope that there’s no connection to Rangers here but either way, we’re glad no one was hurt.

It doesn’t seem as though Dundee United want to press charges against anyone with Police Scotland reportedly saying that haven’t had a report for the alleged incident.

However, people who do things like this need to be held to account, no matter who they are, what team they support and how old they are.

We’ve seen a lot of negative stories surrounding Scottish football fans this season and while this might not have been by football fans, it doesn’t exactly help improve the way we are viewed.

Football fans tend to get branded as thugs and hooligans but that is very much a minority.

Most of us can separate football from reality and know that there’s a line that should never be crossed when it comes to supporting your football team.

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