By Doug Ward

7th Dec, 2021 | 5:22pm

Alex Rae furious as Lyon make 'shambles' U-turn ahead of Rangers Europa League showdown

By Mark Murphy

Former Rangers midfielder Alex Rae took to Twitter this afternoon to voice his opinion on the last-minute change to un-ban fans from attending the Lyon game on Thursday. 

Initially, Gers fans were told not to travel to France as away fans won’t be allowed to attend the Europa League match at the Groupama Stadium, leading to people cancelling flights. However, there has since been a U-turn, as confirmed in a statement on the Gers’ official website.

Despite the last-minute change, ex-Light Blues midfielder Rae hopes that plenty of Rangers fans would still be able to make it out to France.  

“The situation in France regarding Rangers fans not being allowed to travel and then changing their mind in last hour has been [a] shambles,” said the BT Sport pundit on Twitter.

“So many lost money and cancelled. Hopefully, some will still be able to attend.”

Shambolic, indeed

Many fans had booked their flights and tickets to Lyon before it was announced last night that they would not be allowed to attend the game. There was a lot of outrage and backlash to the decision after the decision was made. 

The club were told the reason for the decision was because the Lyon police and infrastructure was going to be under a lot of pressure due to a light festival also taking place in the same week. However, around 24 hours after the decision was made, the French government overturned the decision. 

Thanks to an outcry from Rangers supporters groups, they will now be allowed to allocate the 2,200 fans, as originally planned. 

Unfortunately, this now means fans who cancelled their flights and accommodation to Lyon after the ban will now miss out. The indecisiveness of the French government has ruined an opportunity for a lot of Rangers fans to travel to a very important away day. 

The club put out a supporter update this morning on their website addressing the situation. While it was great to see the overturning of the decision, fans shouldn’t have been put in the situation where they felt they had to cancel tickets. 

In other Rangers news, an ex-Premier League referee feels the Gers suffered a major injustice at the weekend.