By Doug Ward

28th Nov, 2021 | 1:57pm

Andy Walker shares what he saw police doing as Rangers fans halted start of second half v Livingston

Police had to step in to stop Rangers fans throwing snow onto the pitch in the 3-1 win at Livingston on Sunday, according to Andy Walker.

The second half of the Scottish Premiership clash at Almondvale was halted by around eight minutes after fans bombarded the pitch with snowballs.

It took a while for the fans to be subdued and also for the snow to be cleared, leading to a delay in proceedings that saw David Martindale take to the pitch.

Ex-Celtic man Walker noticed how police and stewards had to intervene to stop more snow from being launched onto the Almondvale surface.

“I think some of the police and stewards are just trying to put themselves in front of the boardings so the supporters can’t get access to the snow,” said Walker on Sky Sports Football on Sunday before the snow was cleared.

“You’ve now got the two captains speaking in the middle of the park there.”

Ian Crocker then said: “It’s an unusual one for [referee] David Munro.”


Why is it that some of our fans ruin it for the rest of us and give us all a bad name?

Throwing snowballs onto the pitch is pathetic. It’s not even anything near to good patter. It’s just embarrassing. ‘Oh, look at me throwing snowballs’.

Grow up.

Do you really think that doing that would benefit Rangers in any way?

Our players will have been out there on a plastic pitch getting colder and colder, increasing the risk of injuries and also slowing down the momentum we may have had.

It was the same for Livingston but what was the point, really?

Show up in numbers, sing about the players, sing about Giovanni van Bronckhorst and sing about the mighty Rangers Football Club. Stop ruining things by acting so pathetically childish.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the SFA hit the club with some sort of punishment for this and make yet even more enemies at the association.

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