By Mike Slater

15th Oct, 2021 | 4:10pm

Michael Stewart hits back at David Edgar over Rangers 'attack'

David Edgar has called for complaints after the latest Rangers “attack” from Jeanette Findlay which was supported by Michael Stewart.

The BBC and the Bears have never got along, and Stewart is one of those to have felt the brunt of many of these complaints.

The controversial pundit has hit back at the latest statement, appearing to single down on the “coordinated” part of the message.

Edgar shared a message on the Heart & Hand this week asking for complaints to be sent to the BBC.

“The latest coordinated invented attack on Rangers came from Jeanette Findlay and was immediately boosted by Margaret Gilmour of BBC Scotland and Michael Stewart,” he wrote.

“They have to investigate it costing them money and time. And the more time they have to waste on halfwits from regional TV, the less likely they are to use said halfwits.”

Stewart immediately responded to this and singled out the last part of the message on his personal Twitter account.

“Coordinated you say,” he said.

Here we go again.

This is something that will never go away.

Stewart is constantly at the heart of them all, and the Heart and Hand podcast hasn’t exactly shown a good picture of themselves recently.

Edgar has seen many of his colleagues move on after the scandal at the start of this season, and the Bears as a club didn’t come out of this looking the best.

The club will be wanting to distance itself from this negativity that appears to be dragging on now, we are starting to question how long this will drag on?

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