By Mike Slater

7th Oct, 2021 | 7:15am

Tom English responds to Charles Green-Rangers stories

Charles Green was back in the spotlight this week as he was back on talkSPORT talking all things Rangers.

Speaking with Jim White, Green admitted to wanting to bring Steven Gerrard to Ibrox as a player back in 2013.

Tom English is never usually too far away from commenting on stories such as this, and it looked as though he had a good laugh.

Writing on his personal Twitter account this week, English took aim at Green and reeled off some of his personal favourites.

“I miss Charles Green,” he wrote.

“The man who brought us ‘ Man Utd would have Rangers in the Premier League like a shot’ and ‘Barca and Real Madrid would have us in La Liga.’

“And ‘500m people worldwide would pay to watch Rangers’ and ‘the Dallas Cowboys’ and ‘the giant Adidas deal’ and.”

Here we go.

It must be hard for all of these so-called pundits and journalists to watch the mighty Bears back at the very top, but they can’t help themselves.

Whenever something comes to light or possibly goes wrong, on or off the pitch, the pitchforks are immediately ready for use.

Gerrard was likely never going to come to Ibrox as a player, given the huge money he was probably on at LA Galaxy, but looking back now he has experienced it, he could have changed his mind.

The boss has fallen in love with Rangers, and you can see the passion in every celebration, we all remember those Europa League nights the season before last with packed crowds.

It is the international break, so people craving club football to return already will have been listening intently to the likes of Green on talkSPORT this week, let’s leave these anecdotes in the past.

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