By Doug Ward

1st Oct, 2021 | 12:40pm

Sparta Prague release statement defending children after black Rangers players are booed

Sparta Prague have released a statement which condemns those who have accused their young supporters of racism in their 1-0 win over Rangers on Thursday night.

Throughout the Europa League group stage clash in Prague, the crowd booed Rangers’ black players with midfielder Glen Kamara being targetted the most.

UEFA had banned adult Sparta Prague fans from attending the game after Monaco’s Aurelien Tchouameni was racially abused earlier this season but the organisation did allow the stadium to be filled by schoolkids instead.

However, throughout the match, it was very clear that Kamara and his black teammates were booed by those kids.

Kamara’s lawyer Aamer Anwar has since hit out at UEFA and Sparta on Twitter, saying UEFA’ approach to racism has been “useless”.

Now, Sparta Prague have released what has to be one of he most depressing statements of all time, in which they have defended the children and swept allegations of racism under the carpet.

In a lengthy statement on their official club website, Sparta Prague say: “It is absolutely unbelievable that after a match we have to watch innocent children being attacked and face unfounded accusations of racism. Insulting children on the internet and in the media is unacceptable, desperate and ridiculous.

“Stop attacking our children! Our club will proudly defend our children – our future and our pride. Slandering children on the internet is extremely cowardly.”

Sparta then go on to accuse people in the UK of showing a xenophobic attitude towards those in the Czech Republic, adding: “Describing the behaviour of children incorrectly, arrogating to yourself the right to judge the expression of emotions of six-year-old children who have no idea what racism is.”

Kamara’s lawyer Anwar was then targetted by Sparta, saying he is “inciting xenophobic tendencies and verbal attacks on defenceless children are beyond the pale of morality and decorum”.

Last season, Kamara was racially abused by Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela while playing against Slavia at Ibrox in the Europa League.

Kamara heard it and instantly reacted, Bongani Zungu did too.

It led to an altercation in the tunnel after the game and while we don’t condone violence, we can totally see why Kamara would have been upset and angry.

For Sparta Prague to act as though Kamara and other black Rangers players were not booed by those children on Thursday night is a disgrace.

UEFA have no option but to ban Czech clubs from European football.

This isn’t xenophobic of an attack on the people of the Czech Republic but Sparta and Slavia have consistently shown that racism is an issue among their fanbase.

And if it’s now dripping through to the children too, then there’s a bigger concern here because that’s a whole new generation of people being bred with the same beliefs.

It’s disgusting and an absolute disgrace.

We feel sorry for those children. Maybe they don’t fully know what racism is. But they are in an environment where the attitude towards black footballers isn’t right.

In other Rangers news, a journalist from the Czech Republic has hit out at the BBC over one of their headlines about Kamara being booed.