By Doug Ward

1st Oct, 2021 | 5:10pm

Czech politician hits out at Marvin Bartley over tweet about Rangers v Sparta Prague controversy

Czech politician Jan Hamáček has blasted Marvin Bartley after the BBC Sportscene pundit hit out at the booing of Rangers star Glen Kamara on Thursday night.

Sparta Prague’s crowd of kids seemed to boo Rangers’ black players throughout the Europa League showdown, with Kamara being targetted above all others.

Livingston’s Bartley, who also serves as the SFA’s equality and diversity advisor, blamed the adults in Prague for their children booing Kamara and some of his teammates.

Writing on Twitter, Bartley said: “The worst thing about the scenes in Prague last night is that I’m not shocked in the slightest!

“In no way is this the fault of the children because they’re behaving in a way they see adults do/encourage.

“What chance do they have when placed in a bowl with rotten fruit?”

Hamáček, who is the leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party, was furious with Bartley’s tweet and even asked for the Czech Republic’s foreign minister, Jakub Kulhanek, to step in.

Hamáček wrote on Twitter: “Disgusting attack by the Scottish Football Association Adviser on Equality and Diversity (!) to Czech children and to the Czech Republic in general.

“Czechs are not spoiled fruit or a nation of racists.

“I challenged Jakub Kulhanek to summon the British ambassador as soon as possible and demand an immediate end to these attacks.”

They’re not seeing the issue.

This isn’t an attack on the Czech Republic. This isn’t an attack on Sparta Prague or Slavia Prague. This is an attack on racism.

Everyone should be doing everything they can to eradicate racism from not only football but also society as a whole and there are some people who really don’t seem keen on doing that.

Kamara was racially abused by Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela last season while Kemar Roofe was also sent racist messages on social media.

Slavia kept brushing it all under the carpet and tried to make Kamara out as the bad guy, even suggesting he was a liar. Yet, Kudela got banned for racial abuse and Slavia didn’t face any punishment from UEFA and continue to play in Europe.

Sparta Prague were hit with a stadium ban by UEFA for the game against Rangers after racism from the crowds against Monaco earlier this season.

However, that ban was relaxed and that allowed 10,000 kids to watch the game against Rangers, in which black players were booed and Kamara was targeted specifically despite him being the victim of racist abuse.

Do these people in the Czech Republic not see what the issue is here?

Kamara reported being racially abused. And now he and his black teammates are being booed by children.

In other Rangers news, a Czech journalist has blasted the BBC for their headline about the controversy of Thursday night.