By Jack Cunningham

23rd Sep, 2021 | 6:08pm

Bobby Zlamal was fined by Hearts for his stance on Rangers man Glen Kamara

Former Hearts goalkeeper Bobby Zlamal was fined for defending Ondrej Kudela after he racially abused Rangers man Glen Kamara.

Speaking to Czech TV [via the Daily Record], the 35-year-old revealed that he told teammates that the Czech defender was innocent until proven guilty.

His club didn’t like that very much and fined the goalkeeper and also asked him to make a public apology; however, he refused.

He said: “I left Scotland three months ago, and it was still being discussed.

“I was asked for my honest opinion, gave it, and I got fined for it. Very unfair.

“All I said was that there was no proof, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty should be honoured. The club pushed me to apologise, but I didn’t do it because I didn’t know what I should apologise for.

“My problem was that in Scotland, they automatically presumed Ondrej was guilty. But there was no real proof.”


There is no way that Kamara would have reacted the way he did had Kudela not said something racist to the 25-year-old [ITV].

The centre-back even covered his mouth to try and hide what he was saying to the central midfielder.

He has also been found guilty, and UEFA handed him a ten-game ban though you could certainly argue that it should have been a lot longer.

Therefore, we find the fact Zlamal tried to defend Kudela ridiculous, and we are pleased that Hearts fined him and tried to make him apologise.

The fact he refused is a disgrace, and it is good that he is no longer in Scotland because you don’t want anyone like that in the SPFL.

That incident last season was disgusting, and to defend him when it was so obvious what he did is also awful, and we can’t believe that Zlamal has openly admitted to this stuff on TV.

In other Rangers news, the club could face a huge financial hit after new legislation was proposed.