By Jack Cunningham

19th Sep, 2021 | 1:03pm

Rangers Super Fans rip into Graham Spiers

This is part of a regular series from our panel of Rangers Super Fans. Each week, our Super Fans will deliver their verdicts on the biggest talking points and news stories around Ibrox. You can join in the discussion on our Rangers Insider Facebook page.

Rangers Super Fans have flocked to a post from the Rangers Insider Facebook page about Graham Spiers.

The Times journalist commented on the Gers’ decision to deny Ibrox access to Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon on his Twitter account, and he called Stewart Robertson “pathetic.”

This drew the attention of our Super Fans, who were not happy with Spiers and tore into him.

Sutton and Lennon’s situation continues to cause problems.

The decision by the Gers to block Sutton and Lennon from Ibrox and class them as security risks has drawn a lot of criticism.

Spiers clearly wasn’t happy, and Max Rushden has now called on reporters and journalists to stop covering the Bears as this situation continues to escalate.

Ultimately, the Gers decided that Sutton and Lennon weren’t allowed in, and now they must suffer the consequences of their decision.

This whole situation has now become even messier as more and more people offer their opinion on it and the Bears have yet to respond to any of it officially.

Clearly, our Super Fans are sick of people commenting on the situation, and they have shown their feelings in these replies.

It is unclear what will happen next, but we can’t see the situation deescalating anytime soon unless the Bears issue an official statement.

In other Rangers news, Max Rushden has made an extraordinary claim on the Bears.