By Nick Ware

17th Sep, 2021 | 11:15am

Simon Jordan shares Chris Sutton verdict after Rangers-Ibrox decision

Simon Jordan has delivered his verdict on the Rangers controversy surrounding Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon on Thursday.

Sutton, alongside Neil Lennon, was denied access to Ibrox for his BT punditry duties as they were considered a security risk.

TalkSPORT [17/09/21] delivered an update on the reasons behind it.

“Producer Luke has just be in touch with Rangers,” Jim White said.

Luke: “We can tell you, it seems to be for over a year now, Chris Sutton has not been overly welcome at Ibrox because of past comments to the club and some of the coverage he has given them.

“BT have been aware of that for some time. Rangers were then told, quite late Wednesday night, that this was the plan, Sutton and Lennon were going to be at Ibrox presenting coverage for the Celtic-Real Betis match.”

Simon Jordan responded: “You have to look at the broadcaster and say ‘shouldn’t you have done a little better’.

“I don’t know what Chris Sutton has said.

“But you have to take the consequences of the things you say. I’m not suggesting for one moment that you have mob rule or subsequently, there should be jeopardy for commenting on a football match.

“But you have to realise certain things in life are best not said, and if they’re said for reasons that are not fair or equitable then you’ll get a blowback.

“If these boys’ security was a safety issue then you do have to take some responsibility for it.

“You have to question why BT would want to create a situation.

“Chris Sutton can be quite provocative in his views and demonstrative, I’ve thought sometimes ‘you’re just saying something for the sake of saying it, it doesn’t really have much substance behind it but it will get a reaction out of people’.”

No Sutton sympathy?

Jordan, never one to mix his words, suggests Sutton may be the victim of his own words.

The ex-Crystal Palace chairman was keen to stress that there should be no safety issues as a result of his remarks, but he has, essentially, sent a warning to Sutton that he cannot say what he wants and expect no pushback.

It does appear that a big portion of the blame here has to go to BT, if what has been reported is true.

Foisting the news upon the Gers the day before the event was never going to go down well.

Furthermore, if there is any hint of a safety issue, then the club surely has to take as many steps as possible to prevent it.

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