By Doug Ward

17th Sep, 2021 | 6:47pm

Chris Sutton mocks Rangers with Neil Lennon text after BT drama

Chris Sutton has mocked Rangers after he was denied access to Ibrox on Thursday night to work for BT Sport.

Ahead of Celtic’s match away at Real Betis, Sutton and Neil Lennon were told they could not attend Ibrox to do their pundit duties due to security concerns.

Speaking on Scottish Football Extra on Friday night [06:30pm] about the drama of Thursday, Sutton joked about the incident with a text from exc-Celtic manager Lennon.

After Darrell Currie joked that it’s a surprise he’s on the show, Sutton said: “It’s funny enough, I’ve just got a text and it’s from my pal Neil. He says we’re good to go at the bowls in Glasgow this afternoon, we’ve been cleared by security.”

Ally McCoist was then asked to respond to the incident at Ibrox and he said: “It’s normally everybody elses’ safety.

“The whole issue was a bit bamboozling, even for myself last night.”

The nerve of him…

We’re only joking. See, Rangers. Don’t take him so seriously.

Sutton is a clown, let’s face it.

He’s great for entertainment and him and Super Ally are amazing to watch on BT Sport when they are on there together.

It is such a shame that Rangers feel the need to stop Sutton from attending Ibrox – we’re not even sure why they’re saying he could have been at risk.

Fans have never stormed the press box at Ibrox, have they? Or battered an unsuspecting pundit? What a load of rubbish.

We feel as though there are another meaning behind their shut-out from Ibrox and if it’s due to the fact they are ex-Celtic men or have criticised the club in the past, that’s so petty.

Rangers should be criticised when things aren’t going right and Sutton’s criticism is never anything to ever take too seriously.

In other Rangers news, Stephen Craigan blasted this “stupid” Gers ace after what he was caught doing versus Lyon.