By Jack Cunningham

9th Sep, 2021 | 11:10am

Ross Wilson admits Rangers may have to sell their top players

Rangers sporting director Ross Wilson has admitted that the “time will come” for the club to sell their top players.

Speaking exclusively to 90min, Wilson discussed various topics relating to the club and revealed his thoughts on the Gers having to sell their top players.

It has been widely reported that Rangers will have to start selling their top players, but Wilson suggests that since he has been at the club, they have turned down several top offers [Daily Record].

He said: “Selling players is normal, but we don’t have that big a track record at the moment – we are probably only coming back to that level now.

“We now have a talented team, and this is a connected squad; this group are so close and are genuinely mates, they have fitted in like a glove.

“Yes, people will try and entice them, and we have rejected some big offers for players in each of my summer windows here, but the time will come when players do leave.

“And when it does, we will move on to the next player and embrace that freshness.”

A clear message from Wilson.

This is a fantastic and fascinating interview with Wilson, and we recommend any Gers fan to check it out because he has some big plans for the club.

However, he is also realistic and understands that the Bears won’t be able to keep the likes of Alfredo Morelos and Joe Aribo forever.

However, fans should be confident that their club will not sell players below their value, as can be seen by the Nathan Patterson saga from the last transfer window.

However, it does appear as if these players will leave one day, which is obviously a shame, but it could be a good thing in the end.

Wilson talks about freshness, which is a key thing for any successful team to continue their dominance in competitions.

Some players have to be moved on and replaced to keep any team at the top of their league, so it is good to hear Wilson is looking to do this with the Gers.

In other Rangers news, the Gers tabled a bid for a player that was rejected.