By Mike Slater

2nd Sep, 2021 | 2:50pm

Michael Stewart reacts to Rangers statement on Thursday

Michael Stewart has praised Rangers for their response to alleged racist chanting after the 1-0 win over Celtic on Sunday.

The Bears released a statement today, confirming that they have banned three individuals involved in Glasgow.

Stewart praised the club but admitted that something needs to happen to make this stop altogether in the future.

Writing on his personal Twitter account this afternoon, Stewart shared his response to the Bears releasing their statement.

“Good to see the club taking a strong stance,” he wrote.

“They must lead this process, there will be more arrests to follow and it begs the question now of what the club and authorities do when large numbers are doing something similar in the stadium?”

Needs to change.

Stewart has been demanding answers from the club all week since the clash, but there will have had to have been an investigation first.

Now that the first bans have been handed out, it may send out a big warning to those who are tempted into incidents such as this.

There is no room for this in football, everyone knows that yet it continues to happen – but now clubs are making a difference.

More bans are expected in the coming days, and there is no way that any of those found guilty can be sympathised with after what happened in Glasgow after the Old Firm.

Time to change, and for good.

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