By Nick Ware

27th Aug, 2021 | 2:29pm

Graeme Souness wants Celtic fans at Ibrox on Sunday amid Rangers decision

Graeme Souness has expressed his disappointment that there will be no Celtic fans present at Ibrox on Sunday as Rangers host the first Old Firm of the 2021/22 campaign.

Sky Sports reported last week [21/08/21] that Rangers had rescinded their offer to allow around 700 Celtic supporters to attend for the grudge clash this weekend.

The reason given for the U-turn was that Celtic were unable to guarantee that they would return the favour for the reverse fixture in January.

Speaking to Jim White in a video posted on the talkSPORT Twitter account [27/08/21], Souness agreed with White when it was suggested that Sunday won’t be the same without away fans.

“I believe that, from the playing and managing side of it, I would want the opposition supporters in,” the ex-Rangers midfielder and manager said.

“I think it adds to the spice, it’s the way it’s always been and the way it should always be.”

Left with no choice?

Of course, Rangers don’t have to follow suit just because Celtic cannot make guarantees, but just imagine how Bears would feel if opposition fans were allowed into Ibrox and they were not afforded the same luxury in a few months time.

That would cause great consternation among the Rangers masses, and perhaps the club have looked at it from that perspective and decided to appease their own supporters.

Evidently, Sunday is not going to have the same buzz attached to it as if it was a regular Old Firm, like the ones in the past.

Events at previous encounters have sometimes spilt over into the awful, but when no one oversteps the line, the Old Firms are one of the greatest spectacles in football.

The hostility, when it’s not pushed too far, makes it a riveting event to watch and be a part of, and that’s going to be missing on Sunday.

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