By Doug Ward

25th Aug, 2021 | 8:10am

Hugh Keevins apologises for what he said about racism in light of Rangers fan controversy

Radio Clyde broadcaster Hugh Keevins has apologised for what he said about racism in light of Rangers banning supporters for allegedly chanting racist songs about Celtic’s Kyogo Furuhashi.

Rangers moved to ban a number of supporters after a disgusting video clip emerged on social media at the weekend.

Daily Record columnist Keevins was speaking on Radio Clyde after the alleged racist incident and a clip of what he said was shared on social media.

One of the most shocking things Keevins said was: “I watched my first Celtic-Rangers game 61 years ago.

“And for me, speaking as a private citizen, I think it’s worse now than it was 60 years ago. Racism is worse now than it was 60 years ago.”

Keevins has since apologised in a tweet on his personal Twitter account.

On Tuesday, he wrote: “I’ve had a chance to listen back to last night’s show (Monday) and on reflection I’d like to apologise for some of the comments that I made.

“It was not my intention to cause any offence or upset. I abhor racism, sectarianism and all forms of bigotry.”


Keevins comments were wrong – plain and simple.

While racism is still around today, there’s no way it’s worse now than it was 60 years ago in the 1960s.

However, one single instance of racism is bad enough and the video clip of the Rangers fans allegedly singing racist chants and mocking the appearance of Furuhashi is abhorrent.

While we appreciate that Keevins has apologised for his comments, he needs to do it on-air to the people who would have listened to that and don’t have access to Twitter.

His comments were as wrong and ill-thought as they get. What on earth was going through his head when he uttered those words?

Understandably, what he said caused outrage on social media.

Maybe it’s best for Keevins to not be allowed to discuss the topic again if he gets it so considerably wrong. Maybe broadcasters need to start vetting their hosts and pundits better and cluing them up on issues before they go on air to speak about something so sensitive.

Stuff like this cannot happen again.

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