By Doug Ward

24th Aug, 2021 | 8:26am

Jonathan Sutherland appalled by alleged racist abuse from Rangers fans at Celtic's Furuhashi

BBC Sportscene host Jonathan Sutherland was disgusted by a video clip of Rangers fans appearing to sing a racist chant about Celtic’s Kyogo Furuhashi at the weekend.

Ahead of the Gers’ win over Ross County, the clip emerged on social media and the Scottish champions have since reacted by banning everyone in involved and the entire RSC.

Sutherland’s reaction to the video clip was delayed due to him being ill but he says the alleged racist chanting has made him feel sick again.

“Late to this due to a vomiting bug. Almost made me vomit again,” said Sutherland via his personal Twitter account on Monday in response to a BBC News article on the incident.

“A Japanese man comes to our country and endures this? Disgusting and shameful.

“Rangers have to deal with this in the strongest, swiftest and most decisive way possible.”

Rangers should be praised for reaction

It did not take long for Rangers to conclude their investigation into the video clip, which was filmed on a coach on the way to Dingwall at the weekend.

It was pretty clear what was said and what was viewed in the clip and the Gers need to be commended for banning the alleged perpetrators as quickly as they did.

They should also be praised for banning the entire RSC as no one on that coach seemed to do anything about what was happening before their eyes.

If we want to stamp all kinds of abuse out of our game then the honus is going to have to fall upon the fans as well as the authorities.

If you see something racist, sexist, homophobic, sectarian or any kind of abuse, call it out.

It’s simply not on and people with backwards views will end up being forced out of the game for good until they change their ways.

Rangers’ hardline stance on the clip at the weekend is what we need to see more of and hopefully, it will set a precedent going forward.

In other Rangers news, Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph has blasted BBC Sportsound for a tweet about the incident.