By Jack Cunningham

22nd Jul, 2021 | 12:25pm

Rangers are furious with Glasgow council's latest decision on fans

Rangers are absolutely furious with Glasgow council after it was revealed that Celtic would be allowed 18,500 fans for their friendly on Saturday, according to the Daily Record.

This is 10,000 more than the Gers have been allowed for their friendly on the same day and just two hours later. The council insist they are following “safety guidelines”, but Rangers will only be allowed 8,500 fans in Ibrox despite Celtic being allowed a lot more.

The report states that the Rangers board “are not happy” and that they “cannot understand” why Celtic are allowed so many more fans. The council claim that the reason Celtic can do this is because they have already hosted a match with fans in attendance, so they can now increase the capacity.

Ridiculous decision!

The reason given by the Glasgow council is pretty pathetic, really.

Basically, because Rangers were only allowed 2,000 fans against Arsenal, they are not allowed more than 8,500. Still, because Celtic hosted 9,000 fans on Tuesday in their Champions League qualifier, they can now increase the capacity.

Surely someone at the council should have applied some common sense and allowed the Gers to have the same number of fans as Celtic. Or, to keep numbers down, limited the Celts to the same number as Rangers.

Instead, we have this bizarre situation where we have Celtic playing in front of 18,500 fans at one end of the city, and then at the other just two hours later, we have Rangers playing in front of 8,500.

This is a stupid scenario that the Glasgow council could have easily avoided by allowing both clubs to host the same number of fans.

Instead, they have annoyed Rangers, and the Gers have every right to be irritated by this decision.

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