By Doug Ward

13th Jul, 2021 | 7:10pm

Simon Jordan concerned by Rangers decision to charge newspapers

Simon Jordan is concerned Rangers will harbour too much control over the media if they start to charge for exclusive content next season.

The Daily Mail has reported that the Gers “are trying to charge newspapers £25,000 for one reporter and one photographer to attend matches and pre-match press conferences” and also get five exclusives interviews and one with Steven Gerrard.

The Scottish champions have had a mixed relationship with the media in recent years with journalists and pundit Andy Walker banned from accessing Ibrox due to their reporting on the club.

TalkSPORT host Jim White asked ex-Crystal Palace owner Jordan if he thinks Rangers’ move to try and charge the media sets a dangerous precedent going forward.

“If you’re charged for media access, whoever is charging you has a level of control over you,” said White on talkSPORT on Tuesday [12:23pm].

“Is it right then for the media to relinquish control to get the media access?”

Jordan replied: “That’s the concern. That’s the concern that you’re effectively trying to wield influence over the fourth estate and sanitise the information that comes out.

“The reader will determine that – not the media. If the reader reads an article in X, Y and Z newspapers and seeing some of the rubbish I read yesterday, there should be some sanitising of it.

“But the fact of the matter is the reader will read it and think, ‘this is a watered-down, diluted, soft-soaked interview that has no residence aside from a puff piece for Rangers because they bought and paid for it’.

“Is that actually a situation where it could backfire on football clubs? Where they don’t look particularly clever because all they’re getting is information that suits the football club.

“I’m assuming newspapers – and this might be a huge assumption – have some artistic integrity and they want to write what they want to write. And they want to write fair, balanced, representative articles.

“If they want to sell themselves to the devil and suggest that ultimately they’ll pay for the privilege to write an article that Rangers will effectively write for them and ghost-write and all them to put out, then more for the publication.”

We shouldn’t be doing this

How many of you read the media that Rangers put on their website?

Be honest, how many times do you read an interview with James Tavernier in which he says stuff like ‘onto the next one’ or ‘Rangers is a big club’.

How many Q&As where players get asked what their favourite movie is do you actually read? How many times has Gerrard spoken about something in a press conference and it isn’t relayed on the club’s official Twitter account?

Rangers already control their own media and they always will. But it’s boring. There’s nothing thought-provoking or anything like that.

It’s all very dull.

We’re not the only club that does that though. Almost all clubs do, especially south of the border.

You never really read a good interview on the club’s official channels, nor do you ever get anything out of the club when they’re in a bad run of form or something negative has happened.

We really cannot get on board with the idea of this.

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