By Doug Ward

13th Jul, 2021 | 4:49pm

Jim White reacts as Rangers attempt to charge media outlets for Ibrox coverage

Jim White is stunned by Rangers’ “left-field” decision to reportedly charge media outlets for coverage next season.

The Daily Mail has reported that the Gers are trying to charge newspapers £25,000 to have one reporter and one photographer at games next season, as well as “five exclusive interviews and a sit-down with manager Steven Gerrard”.

White relayed the news on talkSPORT on Tuesday and admits it’s not something he expected to see happen despite the Gers’ fractured relationship with the media.

“Rangers made the news this morning,” said White on talkSPORT on Tuesday, as shown on YouTube.

“It’s an interesting one, of course. Champions for the first time [in a decade] and stopped Celtic doing the magic 10.

“Steven Gerrard and Rangers won the title last season and they go into this upcoming season as champions, they are exploring the idea of charging newspapers £25,000-a-hit for one reporter and one photographer to attend matches and pre-match press conferences.

“Now, we’re assured the sum will also still buy five exclusive interviews and a sit-down interview with the manager Steven Gerrard. Apparently, £10,000 buys you media access and one exclusive.

“It’s fair to say, this has come from left-field.

“Rangers have had disputes with media in recent years, that’s no secret to anyone.

“It’s been described by some media outlets as ‘worrying’. Mike Keegan of the Daily Mail thinks the move is a sign Rangers have let their first title win in a decade somewhat go to their head in the ‘cash for questions’ row, if you like to call it.”

This isn’t right

We’re not on board with this at all if it’s true.

We support Rangers but we cannot support this at all. We have a right to know what is going on behind the scenes at Ibrox and the club needs to be held to account for things.

It’s just yet another attempt to silence those journalists who work to try and do right by the club, right by the supporters and right by Scottish football.

Yes, there have been some journalists over the years that have been an exception to that and there have been some pundits who have misreported things.

But this just stinks of the club trying to silence those who report things they don’t like because all they’ll do is revoke access and those newspapers can kiss goodbye to thousands of pounds.

This doesn’t mean we’re skint or anything like that because at the end of the day, that isn’t the kind of money that would save a club like ours if it was in any kind of financial trouble.

It sounds like a way of getting the media to pander towards the club and be scared to speak out in any negative way.

We really don’t like that.

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