By Doug Ward

2nd Jun, 2021 | 12:55pm

Andrew Dickson hits out at government over Rangers and Scotland decisions

Sky Sports journalist Andrew Dickson has blasted the Scottish Government for their hypocritical approach to managing Rangers and Scotland football supporters.

When the Gers lifted the Premiership trophy last month, thousands of fans took to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate.

As reported by GlasgowLive, Rangers had tried to introduce their own way of ensuring people were socially distanced and celebrated the title win safely by asking the government to permit 10,000 supporters to attend Ibrox for the trophy lift.

The government decided to reject that plan but are now trying to push forward with a fanzone in Glasgow for the European Championships next week.

Scotland’s national clinical director Jason Leitch hopes it can go ahead despite rising COVID cases in Scotland.

Dickson has hit out at the plan to press on with the fanzone, suggesting the decision smacks of hypocrisy.

“Cases are rising again in Scotland but the show must go on – despite a fierce refusal to allow any sort of similar controlled event as Rangers were presented with the Premiership trophy two and a half weeks ago when numbers were lower. One rule for one, another for another,” said Dickson on his personal Twitter account on Wednesday morning.

“It’s not just Rangers fans who should feel aggrieved by this. Remember a few hundred fans were denied access to the Scottish Cup final in a stadium seating 50,000+ in Glasgow because of Covid numbers. Money talks, plain and simple. Making the rules up as they go along.”

It’s because it’s Rangers

Let’s face it, the Scottish government didn’t want to look as though they were pandering towards Rangers and allowing the champions to get special treatement.

That’s why they didn’t let the Gers let fans into Ibrox.

Loads of people have criticised the Light Blues as a club for the actions of a minority of supporters last month – including politicians.

But what more could the club have done other than offer up a safe and controlled manner to allow people to celebrate?

It’s exactly what the government is trying to do now with this fanzone in Glasgow for the European Championships.

Honestly, what a joke. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

If the government doesn’t want to come across as though they’re pandering towards one section of people or another, they need to stop being selective in their decision-making processes.

If cases are on the rise and they wouldn’t let Rangers offer a controlled environment, they shouldn’t be doing it for those who want to support Scotland in the Euros.

It’s as simple as that.

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