By Doug Ward

1st Jun, 2021 | 9:14am

Times journalist declares Rangers didn't die as he defends article about 2012 admin

Times journalist David Leask has taken to Twitter to defend his story about Rangers’ administration in 2012.

Writing on The Times website this week, Leask reported that Rangers “survived” liquidation with “its name and assets bought out of liquidation by a new company”.

Celtic fans have forever argued against this though, claiming a new club was formed in the wake of the Gers’ downfall.

That myth-peddling was once again doing the rounds on Twitter after Leask’s article with one fan claiming the journalist is another “another Rangers-supporting, Scottish Tory apologist for Rangers“.

That prompted Leask to reply and absolutely destroy the notion he’s biased towards the Gers and also add in some truth bombs about the club’s survival.

“No, I don’t support Rangers or the Tories,” Leask wrote via his personal Twitter account on Monday afternoon.

“I’m a reporter, not a supporter. And the survival of the Rangers brand is not in dispute.

“You could argue [that] it should have died. You can’t argue that it did not.

“That’s disinformation.”

Broken record

It’s about time Celtic fans stop fantasising about what they wish happened to Rangers in 2012 and get a grip on reality.

While we had to start from the bottom and work our way back up again, the Light Blues remained the same club.

Yes, a lot of things did change but the club itself didn’t die.

Football fans always say how their team should be run like a club for the fans rather than like a business. So why do Celtic fan feel that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to us?

They’re too consumed by hatred to realise the facts and understand how difficult it was for us to go through that nightmare period in 2012.

Why is it that everyone recognises the Old Firm, the 55 titles, the club’s history and the name ‘Rangers’ except for them?

Have they ever stopped to wonder that?

If the club died and had to reform, everyone would report as such.

When are they ever going to learn?

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