Czech press: Kudela helped UEFA investigation but Rangers ace Kamara didn't

Ondrej Kudela’s 10-match ban for racially abusing Rangers star Glen Kamara has been upheld by UEFA but there’s a fresh new twist that’s emerged in the Czech press.

According to Seznam Zpravy journalist Jiri Hosek, Kudela has again appealed against his ban for allegedly racially abusing Kamara at Ibrox earlier this year.

It is understood the Czech defender, who’ll miss the European Championships this summer, has now submitted an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Hosek’s added that the new appeal to CAS could take several months to be concluded, which means that he’s very likely to still miss the Euros this summer for the Czech Republic.

Seznam Zpravy’s website also launches a bitter claim about Kamara in their coverage of the story.

While Kamara is the alleged victim of racist abuse and UEFA have upheld a ban against Kudela, the Czech press is still finding a way to shine Kamara in a villainous light.

Kamara has been banned for three matches for his reaction to the incident after it was alleged that he attacked Kudela in the tunnel after the match. While we don’t condone violence, we also don’t feel that Kamara’s reaction was over the top after what was supposedly said to him on the pitch by the Slavia Prague disgrace.

Seznam Zpravy claims Kudela “provided full cooperation” to UEFA’s investigators and added that Kamara refused to comment on the claim he attacked Kudela in the tunnel at Ibrox on the advice of his lawyers.

What’s the point in saying that? They’re two different incidents, one where parties were so desperate to defend Kudela of racism they couldn’t get their story straight between them. Kudela had to cooperate otherwise he knows he would have been found guilty.

As for Kamara, he didn’t need to answer for what he did. Why would he? If what he did could be proven then what’s the point in him providing a comment?

Yet again, we’re seeing from the Czech press a clear attempt to shine Kamara in the bad light even though he’s the man who’s allegedly suffered racist abuse.

Kudela, Slavia Prague, Seznam Zpravy and everyone who’s stood up for Kudela is a disgrace.

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