By Doug Ward

21st May, 2021 | 11:10am

Alan Thompson tweets bizarre rant about Rangers in middle of the night

Rangers were living rent-free in the head of ex-Celtic midfielder Alan Thompson in the early hours of Friday morning.

Thompson’s rant started with him tagging himself in a tweet at 1:49am in which he suggested the “dark days” are gone at Celtic.

He then took to his personal Twitter account to say that Rangers’ 55th title victory this season is actually a “myth” and claimed it’s the Gers’ first.

At 2:08am, Thompson posted that Celtic are “one club and proud” before bidding good night to his followers and trashing the Gers’ 55th title once again.

Thompson clearly couldn’t get to sleep because the thoughts of James Tavernier and Steven Gerrard holding the Premiership trophy couldn’t be cleared from his head.

At 2:40am, the former Celtic man finished his anti-Rangers vitriol by saying: “I deal with truth and facts! It’s a first title. Well deserved. Night.”

Soak it in, Gers fans

We may have won the title over two months ago but the Kerrydale meltdown continues with Thompson taking part one of the best rants yet.

You can just picture him tossing and turning in bed at night, sweating over the thoughts of Rangers winning their 55th title to the point where he had no choice put to pick up his phone and tweet.

We hope that getting those thoughts off your mind helped you sleep, Thommo, because we can only imagine how horrible it is for an ex-Celtic player like yourself to admit that Rangers are the champions of Scotland.

Whether it’s our first title or 55th, the fact remains that Celtic’s meltdown this season has been one of the most spectacular in Scottish football history.

They’ve lost the Premiership title and failed to win their 10th title in a row to a team that was playing in the fourth-tier not too long ago.

They’ve lost to a manager who’s never won any silverware since ended his playing career, they’ve lost to a team that was apparently nowhere near as good as them and lost to a team that was supposedly on the brink of financial collapse.

We’re absolutely loving this, if you couldn’t tell already.

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