By Doug Ward

19th May, 2021 | 1:33pm

Michael Grant baffled by 'Doctored' Rangers footage

Times journalist Michael Grant is baffled by Police Scotland having to investigate a “doctored” video that shows Rangers players singing along to a sectarian chant.

Footage emerged on social media in recent days that shows Gers players celebrating their title success with the audio suggesting they were taking part in an offensive chant aimed at the Pope.

Police Scotland confirmed in a statement they are “aware of a video circulating on social media apparently showing Rangers players using sectarian language while celebrating on Saturday”. The police are also “assessing its contents and will liaise with the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service” [Scottish Sun].

Rangers have claimed the footage was edited and Grant suggests it’s a massive waste of the police’s time due to how ridiculous it would be for the Gers squad to get involved in something of that sort.

Writing on The Times website, Grant said: “As for the clip of the celebrating players and staff chanting “[Swear] the Pope” inside Ibrox, it is so unbelievable, in this day and age and from this particular cosmopolitan set of players, that Police Scotland’s investigation will surely confirm that the footage has been doctored.

“If it was true they may as well lock the place up and throw away the keys. And if it’s fake? Let’s not dismiss it as a bit of harmless fun. Making and circulating it was deliberately nasty and calculated to divide and cause trouble.”


We’ve got to side with Grant on this one and so should every Rangers fan.

If it’s real (and that’s a big if) then yes, the club will be in serious trouble and everyone concerned, right to the very top, can expect massive punishments.

However, we refuse to believe that it’s real and reckon it must be so easy to edit something like that into a clip.

It’s dangerous how people can manipulate others and as Grant eludes to, it’s something that’s malicious and intends on creating a divide.

Rangers have a squad of players from all over the world. The Gers also have a squad of players that contains at least one Catholic.

It would be abhorrent if that actually happened but we’re pretty confident it didn’t. Not one of our players would be that stupid.

On the other hands, some of our fellow fans are and we saw how badly some of them acted over the weekend.

We hope the law and the club punishes them. There’s no place for sectarian chanting in football or in any walk of life.

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