Chris McLaughlin shares response of Rangers after Police Scotland investigation

Chris McLaughlin has shared the response of Rangers after Police Scotland opened their investigation into the title celebrations.

The BBC journalist has insisted that the Bears believe the footage of players using anti-catholic language has been doctored.

It sparked many responses from outsiders claiming that it came from a live stream, therefore making it nearly impossible to change.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, McLaughlin shared the major update from the Bears as they responded.

“Police Scotland say they are aware of a video circulating on social media apparently showing some Rangers players and staff using anti-catholic language after their weekend title win,” he wrote.

“BBC Scotland understands the club believes the footage has been doctored.”


The responses have sparked outrage, with the majority even accusing Rangers looking past the main issue that it could have actually happened.

That is the main issue with posting these update on social media.

Looking at these responses, the main group of people responding are Celtic fans, and constantly different BBC journalists continue to look past this.

We have to let Police Scotland do their job, without putting it out into the public who can open their own judge and jury style reactions.

McLaughlin has now joined Michael Stewart in putting this on social media, although at least he has stuck with the facts, rather than personal opinion.

Something clearly has to change, but for now, we have to wait for the outcome of this investigation and how the Bears respond to this.

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