By Doug Ward

16th May, 2021 | 7:15pm

Tom English slams Rangers over silence on violence in Glasgow

BBC Scotland journalist Tom English has torn Rangers to shreds over their failure to respond to the scenes in Glasgow on Saturday.

As the Gers enjoyed a 4-0 thumping of Aberdeen ahead of lifting the trophy, supporters took to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate.

However, some of those fans went too far and according to reports, 28 people have been arrested and five police offers have been left injured.

Videos have circulated on social media that show Rangers fans fighting among themselves and clashing with police.

The SPFL and Rangers are yet to respond and that has led to fierce criticism from English on Twitter.

He said: “Not a peep from Rangers about the disgrace of last night. Not a peep from the SPFL either. That’s absolutely outrageous.”

Bang on

Rangers need to speak out about the violence we’ve seen in the streets of Glasgow this weekend because it’s simply unacceptable.

Yes, a lot of fans celebrating and behaved themselves but there were so many that dragged the club’s name through the mud that it needs to be addressed.

While the Gers obviously don’t want to come out and condemn people who support them, they need to at least acknowledge that what happened on Saturday wasn’t right.

As for the SPFL, it’s a shock that nothing has come out of their headquarters.

We’ve seen some shameful clips of what happened on Saturday and it cannot get swept under the rug.

We’re also not standing for people saying that it was only a minority and having a go at the media for shedding the club in a bad light.

It’s the people who committed these senseless acts who’ve done that, don’t shoot the messenger.

In other Rangers news, Michael Stewart tweeted a one-word reaction to the scenes in Glasgow on Saturday.