By Kealan Hughes

14th May, 2021 | 8:10pm

James Tavernier sounds exasperated describing life playing with Alfredo Morelos

James Tavernier has captained Rangers to a first league title in ten years but he still becomes exasperated when talking about Alfredo Morelos.

In a recent interview, he described the striker as a pest to play with, hinting he gets up to immature antics on a daily basis.

Tavernier was asked about an incident a few weeks ago when Morelos was caught on video throwing things at the skipper in an attempt to wind him up, while the pair were both sat on the bench against Cove Rangers.

Tavernier responded in his live stream on Twitch on Thursday, saying, “Them pictures, that’s what I get every single day. Him just being a pest.

“He’s just a big kid, honestly. Just like a big kid. I’m happy them pictures were taken cause then I can prove to people what he’s like every single day.

“He’s some guy. I can’t hate the fella. We’ve been together a few years. I wish I was paid extra to babysit him. That’s another word, riot. He’s a pest and a riot.

“But I love the guy.

“He can speak English, I know he can speak English. It’s whether he chooses to, and that guy doesn’t choose to.

“It all adds up to what he is. Honestly, he’s a riot.”

Cheeky Mo

Morelos may get on his teammates nerves on occasion but we would not have him any other way.

He still gets very worked up on the pitch sometimes and if his way of cooling off is to annoy his teammates, then we are all for it.

Every squad needs a player like that, a figure in the dressing room who can entertain but also switch on a serious side when it is necessary.

Morelos keeps on producing on the pitch too, so his mindset is clearly in the right place at the moment.

Steven Gerrard deserves credit for that, as he has helped the Colombian to improve his discipline.

We hope Morelos is enjoying his time here and wants to extend it beyond the summer.

He would be difficult to replace on and off the field and is the perfect forward to lead the attack in the Champions League next season.

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