By Doug Ward

7th May, 2021 | 4:05pm

Chris McLaughlin still bitter about Rangers shut-out as he talks to Craig Whyte

BBC Scotland journalist Chris McLaughlin has done the world of good to his chance of never being allowed back at Rangers.

In 2015, McLaughlin lost his Ibrox accreditation when he was accused of ­publishing ­misleading and unbalanced reports about the club [Daily Record].

The BBC stood by McLaughlin and have done ever since with them still refusing to send staff to Govan.

But that doesn’t mean McLaughlin cannot say anything about Rangers any more because he’s found a way to spread his bitterness over being banned.

This week, the BBC journalist has interviewed former Rangers owner Craig Whyte.

He couldn’t have picked someone more hated at Ibrox and McLaughlin knows that. In one of his lines on the BBC News website, he wrote: “Loathed by Rangers fans and lauded by some supporters of other clubs, Whyte still maintains he should never have been painted as the villain.”

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Firstly, to point out that Whyte is “lauded” by supporters of other clubs is disgraceful. We would never celebrate peoples’ loss of their football club, let alone their loss of livelihoods and to throw in that dig at Rangers is ridiculous on McLaughlin’s part. While he is correct, pointing it out isn’t on.

Secondly, why is Whyte getting air-time to talk about a football club that he absolutely ruined and brought to it’s knees?

“I don’t believe I did anything wrong,” said Whyte.

Yes, you did. Believe it or not. And does McLaughlin challenge Whyte on this? Having read the interview, it doesn’t seem that way.

It’s just plain to see that the BBC reporter still bears a grudge against the Premiership champions and digging up this story now, as we celebrate our 55th title, is just yet another attempt to dredge up negative news.

We can see right through his attempts, fortunately. As do most Rangers fans.

In other Rangers news, the Gers will have to stump up a lot of money to sign this Spanish winger they want.