By Ray Livingstone

3rd May, 2021 | 4:45pm

Alan Brazil: I didn't watch Old Firm... I can't take it any more

Celtic-mad Alan Brazil has shown just how bad things have got for his side as he confessed to not watching Sunday’s Old Firm game, when Rangers registered yet another win.

The 4-1 win was Rangers’ biggest win over Celtic in 14 years and leaves them just two games off an Invincible season.

talkSPORT pundit Ally McCoist couldn’t believe what he was hearing and let rip into Brazil for his lack of loyalty to his side.

“In all seriousness, what did you make of the game?” McCoist asked on the talkSPORT Breakfast Show (Monday, 9.30am).

“I didn’t watch it,” replied Brazil.

“What?” asked McCoist incredulously.

“I was in my garden, didn’t watch it,” repeated Brazil… “I didn’t want to depress myself any more,” Brazil explained.

“You’ve got to support your team through thick and thin, surely?” McCoist countered.

“There’s no one in the ground… ” Brazil said. “The referees… I can’t take it anymore. Troy [Deeney], you should see the stats from the Old Firm games, it’s diabolical. Talk about 10 men. Any Celtic player brushes a Rangers player he gets a yellow, it’s a joke, honestly.”

McCoist wasn’t ready to let Brazil off the hook saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen at Celtic, you’ve got no manager, you’re going to lose three or four players, seriously…”

“Don’t lose any sleep over it, don’t you worry about it,” Brazil replied. “When that goal machine Alfredo Morelos leaves and Steven Gerrard we’ll see who’s smiling then.”

Fickle fans

There are no words, really.

We know it’s been a bad season for Celtic but is Brazil representative of the Celtic support?

Rangers have been to hell and back in recent times but the support from fans has been unwavering. You can’t be there just for the good times.

But, as McCoist pointed out, the troubles could be just staying for Celtic and the supporters that are still clinging on.

There’s no manager and it’s going to be tough to get a decent one in with the mess the club is in.

The decent players are going to leave this summer, while Rangers are looking forward to contesting the Champions League next season.

We wouldn’t want to be a Celtc fan at this time but we can say one thing with certainty – if we were, we wouldn’t be dropping them after one disastrous season.

We’re made of sterner stuff in the blue side of Glasgow.

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