By Nick Ware

27th Apr, 2021 | 4:18pm

John Collins slams Allan McGregor over St Johnstone goal in Rangers Scottish Cup exit

John Collins has laid the blame at Allan McGregor’s door for the St Johnstone equaliser that drew them level with Rangers in the Scottish Cup on Sunday night.

James Tavernier thought he had nicked an extra-time winner in the 117th minute before chaos descended from a corner that allowed Saints goalkeeper Zander Clark to get a free header on goal, which was turned in by Chris Kane at Ibrox.

The visitors then won 4-2 on penalties with Allan McGregor unable to stop any spot-kicks.

The marking was non-existent for Kane’s goal but rather than point the blame at the defenders ex-Celtic assistant manager Collins has chosen to harangue McGregor instead, as reported on the Daily Record website.

“The goalkeeper isn’t screaming to his centre half to pick him [Clark] up,” he said.

“So if he’s not screaming at his centre half or somebody to pick him up, his mindset has got to be I’m going to come for this cross.

“Where is the goalkeeper when the cross comes in? Stuck on his goal line. We’ve given him credit all season, but it’s a shocking goal for Rangers to lose.

“The manager will be watching that, thinking how is that possible? Somebody has walked into our box and nobody has thought he is a big guy and I’ll pick him up.”

Were you even watching?

We think Collins may need to take another look at the goal.

If he watches it back he will quite clearly be able to see that McGregor was being blocked off by the goalscorer Kane.

That is unless he’s wearing his Celtic-tinted spectacles, which we fear he had on just before he wrote this.

Could McGregor have been a bit stronger to shrug off his attentions? Possibly, but to suggest he’s the most culpable figure is laughable.

We had some vastly experienced players out there as well, so it shouldn’t be incumbent on McGregor to give all the instructions.

Indeed there were shouts of “he’s free” audible during the game’s broadcast, so there were obviously players aware of Clark’s presence.

Digging out our goalkeeper for someone being so free is just shameful and a clear attempt to bait Gers fans from an obsessed Celtic fan.

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