By Doug Ward

20th Apr, 2021 | 8:05am

Rangers and Celtic unlikely to be invited to European Super League

Rangers and Celtic are unlikely to be invited to the European Super League despite having “global reach”, according to Times journalist Paul Forsyth.

On Sunday night, six Premier League clubs, as well as six other clubs in Europe, announced they will be forming the ESL despite threats from UEFA, the Premier League and other governing bodies in football.

The ESL will include 12 of the biggest clubs in the world – but what about Rangers and Celtic?

Despite their size and history, Forsyth doubts there will be a spot for the Old Firm rivals in the ESL even if clubs from big nations snub the controversial project.

Writing on The Times’ website, Forsyth said: “They are big enough, with plenty of history and global reach, but there is no room in this new set-up for potential,”

“In any case, 12 of the founding members have already been identified, with just three more said to be in the offing.

“Even if nobody from France or Germany joins the dirty dozen, an invite for Scotland’s big two feels like a stretch.”

No thanks

Even if the offer was on the table, we’d rather see Rangers playing the likes of Hamilton and St Mirren than joining a league that goes against everything football stands for.

Yes, the financial benefits would be massive and yes, it would see us play some of the biggest teams in the world.

But at what price?

We wouldn’t want to sell our soul to the devil.

There have been enough issues behind the scenes in the last decade or so at Ibrox to last a lifetime and as we’ve only just won title number 55, we don’t see any reason to want to disrupt our chances of continuing in Scottish league football.

Forsyth points out the history of the two Old Firm clubs as something that could be in their favour if an ESL invite was handed out. But really, the history is the exact reason why any invite should be rejected out of hand.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re not going to get invited unless the current ESL clubs become desperate.

We’re massive clubs but everyone outside of Scotland looks down on us.

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