By Doug Ward

18th Apr, 2021 | 12:15pm

Davie Provan suggests Kamara's laywer is a hypocrite after Rangers ace suffered alleged racist abuse

Ex-Celtic player David Provan has blasted Glen Kamara’s lawyer suggesting Aamer Anwar is a hypocrite for his defence of the Rangers star.

Anwar hasn’t hidden away from saying Ondrej Kudela should be dealt with fiercely by the law for allegations he racially abused Kamara when Rangers played Slavia Prague at Ibrox last month.

UEFA have since hit Kudela with a 10-match ban and he was also reported to the Procurator Fiscal by Police Scotland. According to the Daily Record, he “could face up to six months in prison if convicted of ‘racially aggravated conduct’ – but extraditing Kudela to the UK is now tricky thanks to the decision to leave the EU”.

Kamara’s lawyer Anwar has stood in the midfielder’s corner from the very off but Provan has not shied away from blasting him.

Provan claims that racism isn’t just an Eastern European or a UEFA issue, it’s something that needs to be addressed here in Scotland.

Writing on the Scottish Sun website, Provan said: “Glen Kamara’s lawyer believes Police Scotland have enough evidence to charge Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela with ‘racially aggravated conduct’.

“He insists the Czech Republic defender could spend six months in jail.

“I’ll offer him a million to one on that one.

“Aamer Anwar was just one voice on a crowded moral high ground lecturing Kudela and Uefa on the evil of racism.

“Behind him an orderly queue jostled to be heard. The irony was lost on all of them.

“Scotland educating the world on discrimination?

“In the week former Hibs striker Kevin Harper highlighted Scotland’s own shameful intolerance, the hypocrisy was embarrassing.

“As a black player, Harper was racially abused for years in this country. We shouldn’t be getting on our high horse until we clean up our own act.”


We’re not sure what Provan is getting at here.

Anwar is Kamara’s lawyer. He isn’t the lawyer of every victim of racist abuse in Scotland or the UK. He’s focused on getting justice for his client because that is what he’s paid to do and also because it’s the right thing.

To suggest that Anwar is taking the moral high ground and being hypocritical is pure nonsense.

We fully back everything Anwar has said and we fully support Kamara. We also fully support anyone who’s a victim of racist abuse.

Does everyone talking about the horrible incident involving Kamara need to also say they’re against racism in Scotland? We’re against racism everywhere, what a ridiculous thing to say.

The reason why this story is so being is that it’s something which so clearly happened on the pitch in a big European match for a team who’d just romped their way to their 55th league title. It was a huge, huge story.

Just because we’re focused on our player being allegedly abused in that way doesn’t mean we don’t care about others.

Provan hit his own head with the hammer when trying to strike the nail here.

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