We’re delighted to welcome former Rangers manager Alex McLeish as our exclusive columnist. Each week he’ll be giving his views on the biggest talking points at Ibrox…

Alex McLeish has insisted that the SFA may have handed out severe charges to Rangers COVID-Five before finding out all of the facts.

The Bears have appealed an initial four-game ban this week which was handed to the likes of Nathan Patterson and Calvin Bassey.

McLeish believes that it is a public interest issue that the severity of their breach is released so that the actions can be compared to other rulebreakers in terms of bans.


Speaking exclusively to Ibrox News, McLeish said, “What was more significant for me was that, we haven’t heard what the circumstances were and how they differed from a couple of other players.

“That needs to be taken into account, and it seems as it wasn’t of the same proportion, as a couple of Rangers players and other clubs.

“Therefore, it seems that it sounds that Patterson’s sanctions are very severe, and I guess that is for the SFA to find out and it is in the interest of the public that we know he didn’t do something that was severe.”



Patterson and Bassey could have been back before the end of the season with the initial ban, but Gerrard and the Gers decided to appeal that.

We don’t know the full story, as it hasn’t been released, but something can’t have been revealed with this appeal being filed with the SFA.

George Edmundson and Jordan Jones were handed seven-game bans earlier in the season, and they were at a full party, compared to these five only gathering with each other and their partners.

There will be bans, but until the facts are released, we won’t know just how unfairly the club and players may have been treated; hopefully, that is resolved in this appeal.

In other Rangers news, George Edmundson has suffered another major injury at Derby with surgery being confirmed as a possibility


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