By Doug Ward

6th Apr, 2021 | 12:10pm

Vaclav Hladky defends Ondrej Kudela over alleged racist abuse of Rangers star Glen Kamara

Former St Mirren goalkeeper Vaclav Hladky has defended Ondrej Kudela amid allegations he racially abused Rangers star Glen Kamara last month.

On Thursday, UEFA will hold a meeting with all parties who will make their cases before a decision is expected to be reached one week later [iSport].

However, Salford’s Czech number one Hladky refuses to believe Kudela could be capable of racially abusing a fellow professional.

Hladky, who was wanted by Rangers in the past [Evening Times], has also revealed how he’s been sent abuse online due to the fact he’s Czech.

“I received [comments] from Scots on social media networks. They [tell me] we are a nation full of racists. Fans decided I deserved that because, like Slavia, I come from the Czech Republic,” said Hladky, as quoted by The Times.

“In the Czech Republic, everyone is writing about what Rangers did wrong; in Scotland, it’s all about what Slavia did wrong. I believe that, back home [in the Czech Republic], we don’t realise just what a problem this allegation is.

“The insult of ‘you’re a [swear] guy’ is such a [specifically] Czech insult that it’s not known about [in Scotland]. But Ondrej Kudela is a great man and very decent. That he would insult someone racially doesn’t sit with me at all.”

Stuck in the middle?

Hladky has given a view from both Scotland and the Czech Republic which makes sense. Both countries have different cultures and both have different ways of dealing with racist allegations like the one at Ibrox last month.

We do not condone Hladky receiving abuse simply for the fact that he’s Czech and the goalkeeper’s admission that people in the Czech Republic don’t understand how serious an allegation can be is good to see.

However, Hladky’s measured response to the alleged racist incident is marred by his defence of Kudela at the end.

Is he suggesting that Kamara is wrong or lying because the Kudela he knows is a “great man”?

What a load of rubbish.

Just because he’s seen as a nice guy by a fellow white, Czech male, doesn’t mean he’s seen in the same way as someone from a different country who’s of a different race.

We’re not having anyone defending Kudela at all.

In other Rangers news, the Czech press has reported that the Gers and Kamara are set to be punished.