Alan Rough has launched an “incredible” attack on Steven Gerrard for his and Rangers arrogant response to the SFA charges for the COVID-Five.

The Bears have appealed the six-game bans handed to their players this week, despite them only having to serve four of those if it was accepted.

Gerrard insisted after the clash against Cove that it wasn’t fair, something that Rough has labelled as “nonsense” given previous responses to rulebreakers.


Speaking on PLZ Soccer’s The Football Show on Monday afternoon, Rough hit back at Gerrard and the Bears for their stance.

“It’s a piece of nonsense,” he said.

“I don’t know where they think they are coming from, thinking they can dictate and have rules different to everybody else. I find it really incredible that the club has already punished them for whatever they did.

“I don’t see what makes any difference with one party and another, if they broke the rules as the Police said so, then you get punished; he’s only going to miss four games.

“It’s not the end of the world. It is a piece of nonsense to think of the arrogance to come out with something like that.”


Going all in.

Rough clearly wasn’t a fan of Gerrard and his quotes yesterday.

Did the boss make a good point though? The likes of Nathan Patterson and Calvin Bassey are young players who don’t need their careers harming by this.

Then again, they did break the rules and any punishment appears to be minimal, so it was possibly better to take the four games and run.

Patterson and Bassey will have been back before the end of the season, and should this next hearing not go our way, it may be made even worst.

Time will tell, but hopefully, this doesn’t backfire.

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