Jason Cundy has launched a withering assessment of the Scottish Premiership with a remark that will surely leave Rangers fans raging.

This season, Steven Gerrard led the Light Blues to their first Premiership title since 2011 to clinch number 55 and break Celtic hearts of ten-in-a-row.

After two seasons at the helm battling to bridge a seemingly insurmountable gap it was considered a historic achievement by the Gers to blitz their way to victory on March 7 with six games still left to play.


However, speaking on talkSPORT Drive [16:00, 01/04/21] about the prospect of Eddie Howe taking over the Celtic hot seat, Cundy displayed pure ignorance when assessing the Scottish top-flight.

He said: “It’s like winning the egg race [Scottish Premiership], isn’t it like the egg and spoon? Isn’t it a little bit like that?”


What a way to dismiss our achievements.

This English media drivel is mindless nonsense that has been spouted for years and we’re bored of it.

The financial disparities between England and Scotland, mainly due to the broadcasting revenue, means that teams in the Scottish Premiership can not spend lavishly and often lose some of their best players to sides south of the border.

But that does not take away from the tasks at hand.

Is everything below the Premier League just worthless and easy?

In one sweeping statement Cundy completely disregards our achievements under Gerrard.

Sure, Celtic were able to almost saunter their way to nine titles due to our financial issues that saw us drop down the leagues.

We had to work our way back up to compete and after a steady couple of seasons finding our feet under Gerrard we have stormed to the title this season.


Our victory may look simple now that we are 20 points clear as champions but it has been the results of years work to dismantle Celtic’s stranglehold on the competition.

It’s certainly been no ‘egg and spoon race’, it’s been a fight to the ultimate finish that has brought utter adulation within Rangers ranks.

We had to scrap our way there and we wouldn’t swap it for anything.

In other Rangers news, see our exclusive with Alex McLeish on the 28y/o fighting for his Ibrox future after latest development.


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