Slavia Prague chief Jaroslav Tvrdik confirms the club has “sold crucial information” to the police to find who was responsible for the racist banner aimed at Rangers star Glen Kamara.

In the Europa League last-16 defeat to Slavia, Ondrej Kudela was accused of racially abusing Kamara in the second half of the second leg.

Slavia and Kudela have denied that with the Czech club calling Kamara’s allegation “imaginary“.


Slavia’s defence of Kudela was shortly followed by some of the club’s supporters aiming a sick, racist banner at Kamara [Daily Record].

Tvrdik, the chairman of Slavia’s board of directors, has now confirmed that the Slavia fans found guilty of the banner will never be allowed back in the club’s Sinobo Stadium, also known as the Eden Arena.

“The club works closely with the [Czech police] to identify the author of the disgusting banner. We have sold crucial information that we firmly believe will lead to the early detection of the perpetrator. And then they never really look at Eden for football again,” Tvrdik wrote on his personal Twitter account on Wednesday.

Some acknowledgement, at least

Slavia have dug themselves into deeper and deeper trouble ever since they won at Ibrox a couple of weeks ago in the Europa League.

They were so quick to deny Kamara was racially abused and so quick to effectively call the Finland midfielder a liar.

We’re still seeing it on social media now where supporters of Slavia and the Czech media are accusing us Brits of instantly assuming Kudela is guilty.

For now, we cannot publish anything more than the facts, which are that Kamara has alleged he was racially abused by Kudela and what we saw and heard on the television earlier this month.

But Slavia have come to their own assumptions about the whole incident, with fans saying that they’ll stand by Kudela because there’s no proof of what he said.

That is a sad, sad way to look at things.

There’s no proof that Kudela is clear of any wrongdoing, so why instantly jump to support him?

It’s quite obvious there’s an undertone of tribalism to the way the Slavia supporters and the club has stood by Kudela. But when it comes to something as big and important as this, club affinity needs to be thrown out of the window.

We’re thankful for fans of other clubs across Scotland and England for throwing their support behind Kamara.

Just imagine how he feels about all this.

In other Rangers news, a Czech journalist has hit back at Sky Sports over what happened when Gareth Bale elbowed Kudela.


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