talkSPORT host Jim White has said that the Glen Kamara incident is “moving” and that the Scottish Football Association are meeting at lunchtime on Wednesday with his case “very much front and centre”.

He also talked to Kamara’s lawyer Aamar Anwar, who said that Kamara’s desire to see this through is “very strong”.

Ondřej Kúdela played for the Czech Republic last night as Wales beat them 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier in Cardiff.

Talking on talkSPORT this morning White said, “Kudela played last night for the Czech Republic when Wales won.

“This is the man who was accused of racially abusing Glen Kamara.

“Glen Kamara has had an enormous amount of support from a whole variety of quarters since that episode.

“But this is moving this morning, I can tell you.

“There’s a big meeting at the Scottish Football Association offices at lunchtime on this racial abuse issue with the Kudela incident very much front and centre, but it is moving.”

He asked Anwar, “How strong is Glen’s desire to see justice seen to be done here?”

Anwar replied saying, “For him, it’s an issue for UEFA, an issue for the criminal justice system, it’s an issue for wider society. If this is allowed to keep happening to other black players what message will that send out?”

Anwar will be speaking via Zoom to the Scottish FA this lunchtime.


Process needs to happen quickly 

This is gearing up to be an absolutely key incident in how racism is dealt with within the game.

It’s a very high-profile case, where the incident happened in a very high-profile game in the Europa League.

Slavia Prague are still in that competition and set to meet Arsenal in the next round.

We are obviously hoping that this is dealt with as quickly as possible but given other incidents and how serious the allegations are, it is unlikely anything will be decided ahead of the summer.

That will see Kudela playing in the Euros, which will be a kick in the stomach to Kamara.

However, process has to be followed – all we can hope is that it’s done as quickly as possible and that, if found guilty, Kudela is made an example of.

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