Ondrej Kudela has denied racially abusing Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara when Slavia Prague won at Ibrox last week, according to Jiri Hosek.

The Seznam Zpravy journalist wrote via his personal Twitter account on Thursday that Hosek has spoken to a UEFA investigator to plead his innonce.

While he rejects the notion of racism, he did admit to insulting Kamara.


Hosek said on Twitter: “According to sources from Slavia’s leadership, Ondrej Kudela categorically denied the accusations of racism against Glen Kamara before the UEFA investigator.

“Kudela admitted that he had grossly insulted Kamara, admitted the mistake and apologized for his unsportsmanlike conduct.

“There is a stop sign on the European scene for that.”

Disappointing – but expected

It seems Kudela is sticking to his story.

While Slavia supporters seem to be pointing to the ‘it’s one person’s word against another’ argument, you can clearly see there’s more to this alleged racist incident than that.

Bongani Zungu heard what was said to Kamara. Both players reacted in the same way and reacted as though Kudela said something racist.

How could the two players simultaneously hear something incorrectly or fabricate something in the heat of the moment without colluding first? It’s impossible.

Kamara doesn’t seem to be an aggressive guy at all and hearing that he allegedly hit Kudela after the match would not have been over some kind of passing insult.

One of Slavia’s players was then caught in a voice clip saying Kudela said what Kamara alleged he did so it’s completely stacked up against the Czech player here.

Let’s hope UEFA do the right thing.

In other Rangers news, a Czech ambassador has spoken out about the incident.


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