Ally McCoist was in a jovial mood when interviewing Rangers star Kemar Roofe and the pair joked about Gary McAllister and Allan McGregor.

Roofe described how Steven Gerrard still boasts a competitive streak when he gets involved in training, leading McCoist to wonder how assistant McAllister compares.

It is fair to say the 56-year-old is a lot less fit nowadays and McCoist enjoyed mocking his former teammate – much to the delight of Roofe.


On The Super 6 Podcast, McCoist said, “He’s [Gerrard] got to be better than Gary McAllister, I played with Gary and I’m watching him in the warm-ups and he can’t move man…you can tell him I said that.”

Laughing hysterically, Roofe responded, “Yeah but you know what, his excuse is he doesn’t need to move because he’s got the technique, he’s got the wand.

“I’ve got to give it him, if we’re crossing and finishing he’ll do the delivery, he’ll do the crosses and it’s always on the money. His technique is still there trust me.”

The pair then moved onto the title celebrations and McCoist could not resist another wise crack.

“I’m talking through experience here, I would imagine guys like Allan McGregor enjoyed the celebrations?” he asked.

“No comment”, said Roofe in fits of laughter before adding, “You can see me at the next game and I can tell you some stories then.”


Spill the beans, Roofe

The scenes in the dressing room after the win over St Mirren were brilliant and we wish Roofe had revealed a bit more to McCoist.

We saw Gerrard sliding across a beer-soaked floor but there must have been all kinds of celebrations taking place.

Roofe’s ‘no comment’ remark in response to the McGregor question was quite amusing and indicates a lot more went on that we didn’t see.

It was a joy to listen to the interview and we wish McCoist got one-to-one sit downs with our players each week.

Roofe too seemed in high spirits despite an awful experience last week when he was red-carded and racially abused.

Gerrard has fostered a good camaraderie amongst the group and it is paying off.

In other Rangers news, a Gers star with just four starts this year could be like a new signing next season.


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