BBC Scotland journalist Tam Cowan has said that UEFA should have “leathered” Ondřej Kúdela the minute he came up with his version of events after the Rangers Europa League game last Thursday.

Kudela was accused by Glen Kamara of racially abusing him. Kudela has denied this and said that he just used an expletive.

Kudela covered his mouth to say what he did to Kudela and Cowan claims his version of events is “preposterous”.

Livingston captain Marvin Bartley has said that players found guilty should be banned for a year and Cowan agreed with this.

Talking on the latest episode of The Football Show, Cowan said, “It sickens me. The night of the actual incident, UEFA, it wouldn’t have taken a top lawyer to throw the book at the Slavia Prague player.

“The minute he came out and said he’d only said ‘[censored] guy’… Quite ridiculous, preposterous, for him to claim that’s what he said, they should have just leathered him there and then.

“Put down a marker so anyone else thinking of getting up to this sort of nonsense would know just what lies in wait.”


UEFA under the spotlight 

Who’s going to disagree with this or what Bartley has said?

UEFA is under the spotlight now and have to not only be seen as taking this seriously but to put down a marker by way of punishment.

Kudela’s actions on the pitch and his efforts to come up with an excuse after have brought the game into serious disrepute.

Slavia Prague’s statement afterwards shows that it’s not just players that need educating but institutions too.

It’s too easy to say that British clubs are more progressive in their outlook but it’s hard to imagine any club over here being as combative after what happened.

However, you don’t have to go too far back to remember Liverpool and those Suarez t-shirts.

We obviously agree with Cowan but we also know that there is process. For the good of the game, this process now needs to happen as quickly as possible.

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