Rangers shareholders Club 1872 have called for the BBC to sack Michael Stewart after his shocking take on the Glen Kamara racial abuse scandal.

The Finnish international has accused Ondrej Kudela of racial abuse during the Europa League clash against Slavia Praha.

Stewart has responded to that, claiming that is all just speculation; something that has seen him receive huge backlash from the likes of Rio Ferdinand.


Club 1872 have released a statement on Saturday evening, and they believe that after previous warnings, this should be the last straw for Stewart.

“Unfortunately, we also find ourselves in the position of having to address the behaviour of Michael Stewart in relation to this latest incident of racism directed at a Rangers player,” they wrote.

“For Michael Stewart to take the opposite approach, twice, is a disgrace.

“We are fully aware of Michael Stewart’s desperate quest for attention and we are loath to give him the attention he craves, but this is too serious a matter to allow to pass without comment.

“This latest outburst should be his last and we will watch with interest to see if BBC Scotland now take the action they should have taken over a year ago.”



Stewart just can’t seem to help himself, and the fact that he has yet again failed to recognise the bigger picture here is simply undefendable.

As Club 1872 mentioned, the pundit did exactly the same after Alfredo Morelos came under the same abuse against Celtic last season, and the BBC claimed he was reminded of his duties.

Based on that information, Stewart should be packing his bags shortly.

It is a massive shame that someone can’t help themselves when someone such as Kamara is coming under constant abuse and needs support, not someone claiming it may not have happened.

Kamara has the support of every last fan in-and-around Ibrox, and this verdict from Stewart needs to be immediately ignored.

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