The Athletic’s Jordan Campbell claims that anyone found guilty of racism in last night’s match between Rangers and Slavia Prague could face a 10 match ban. 

Ondrej Kudela was accused of making a racist remark to Glen Kamara in the late stages in Thursday’s 2-0 loss with Steven Gerrard confirming such after the game to BT Sport.

Campbell has reported on UEFA’s new statement as the organisation claims it will wait for the referee’s report before acting on the allegations.

Campbell tweeted, “UEFA is aware of an incident which occurred in the tunnel after the end of the match and which involved some players of both teams.

“We are waiting to receive detailed reports of the match officials who were present at the game before commenting further.”

He followed that tweet up with a note on a potential punishment for Kudela.

He said, “disciplinary body waits on reports from the referee & match delegate before deciding on any action but a club can also make a complaint.

“Any player found guilty incurs a suspension of at least 10 games.”

This is a strong punishment that perhaps doesn’t go far enough.

We stand by Kamara and Gerrard’s comments and we have no doubt that something horrendous must’ve been said for Kamara to react in the way that he did.

Racism is the hot issue in football at the moment and with players around the world still taking the knee before kick-off in games, UEFA need to throw the book at Kudela.

There needs to be a punishment given out that will deter other players from using racist remarks in future.

Another course of action could be to kick Slavia out of the Europa League as a few Gers fans suggested on social media on Thursday night.

This seems an almost impossible eventuality but a decision like that would certainly send a strong message and it would put players off.

We just hope the truth comes to light and players are punished properly if found guilty.

In other Rangers news, Slavia reacted to the racism allegations with this statement. 



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