Slavia Prague boss Jindrich Trpsovsky has backtracked on comments made by some of his players and staff about the quality of the Ibrox pitch ahead of tonight’s game with Rangers. 

The turf came in for some criticism from midfielder Tomas Holes this week, he’s quoted by Czech outlet iDNES as calling the Ibrox turf ‘bad terrain’.

Trpsovsky has not agreed with his player’s assessment of the Ibrox surface as he claimed it was much better than some of the stuff his side have played on in the Czech Republic recently.


He is quoted by iDNES as saying, “[The turf is] Definitely thinner, but compared to what we experienced in the Czech league in the last quarter, it’s golden.

“I don’t want to judge yet, we talk together before training, it may break during the match, but it certainly looks much better than it was talked about.

“That shouldn’t be a problem.”

It has been clear that the Ibrox surface hasn’t been pristine at times this season and it took a hammering in the second leg clash with Antwerp in the last round.


We’ve only played there once since that game though and the groundsman will have been working hard to get the pitch in the best possible condition for tonight.

It was odd for players to start criticising the pitch before they saw it in person and it’s hardly like the turf is coming up in clumps.

If Slavia really want to complain about the pitch perhaps we should move the game onto one of Scotland’s plastic pitches.

Whatever the score is tonight, whoever goes through, the pitch will have very little influence on the result.

Can we focus on the football now, please?

In other Rangers news, the Gers have been dealt a major blow ahead of the Slavia Prague clash.


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